Curtain Cleaning

Do you really want to go to the trouble of taking your curtains down?

Travelling to get them cleaned?

Being without curtains in your home or business for a while?

Heath & Hygiene is able to take the inconvenience out of the process, by cleaning them while hang and based in your home or business.

The type of soiling that curtains attract is mainly dry particles and odours.

We use a Fabric Dry Cleaner, taking care to cover over any items close by with dust sheets.

Fabric Dry Cleaner is a safe and effective way of cleaning fabrics; its odourless blend of mineral solvents has pleasant added fragrance.

We understand convenience is important and our objective is to make life easier for you, by providing an efficient and professional curtain cleaning service. Next time you have your carpets and upholstery cleaned, don’t forget to get your curtains cleaned as well.

Feel proud of your home or business and enjoy a healthier environment with beautifully clean curtains.