Spinner Clean

Heath and Hygiene are now offering a spinner clean surface for all patios and driveway cleaning.

Swirling cleaning power that blasts dirt and grime off the surface. It gets deep down into grout lines and delivers exceptional results. The Whirl-a-way is ideal for cleaning all types of flat surfaces including driveways, concrete floors, patios and can be used with any hot or cold pressure washer. The Spinner Hard Surface Cleaner fits easily into tight spaces, such as those in bathrooms and kitchens, but also makes short work of large, open areas, such as warehouse/retail floors and garages. The low-profile design allows the Spinner to slip under furniture, under bathroom stalls, and other low-clearance areas.

The Spinner clean is a rotary flat surface patio cleaner designed to clean up to 20 square metres per minute. The product itself increases productivity, saving up to 60% of your working time compared with other methods of cleaning.  It’s built tough with a rugged housing of stainless steel, polished aluminum, and rotomolded poly for years of durable wear. It features a removable brush ring with built-in vacuum relief, plus re-buildable flange-mounted swivels and carbide seals. The skirt brush is also easily replaceable.

Heath & Hygiene, use a Sealablock – Acrylic and Polyurethane based sealers with elastomers produce a hard yet flexible clear films. They are non-yellowing and contain a UV absorber to improve protection from ultra violet light. Sealablock provides a barrier to contaminants such as OIL, PETROL, DIESAL, ALKALIS, FOOD STAINING and most common chemicals. It will increase the abrasion resistance of the surface and also penetrate the jointing sand thus stabilising the joints and preventing the infestation of WEEDS, MOSS, LICHEN, ALGAE and burrowing insects such as ANTS.


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